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When to book your Maternity Session

The best time to book your Maternity session is around 35 weeks pregnant. Maternity sessions run about 1 hour long, and you are welcome to bring your partner and babies' siblings to the session. Maternity sessions are either held in my residential studio in Boronia Heights or on location in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Logan. All the gowns that you see in my images belong to the studio and you are welcome to use any that you like, or to wear something of your own that you love. I suggest beautiful pastel colours as they are the most flattering to most people.

When to book your Newborn Session
Newborn Photography sessions are best booked in within the first 14 days of baby's precious little life. After this time babies are more awake, are harder to settle and can even develop colic and baby acne. If you contact me in the first trimester of your pregnancy, we can lock off a tentative booking for you and then lock off a firm date when more information becomes available, or you have baby. When you arrive home from hospital with your brand new baby you can contact us to arrange a suitable time and day for your session.

Where your session is held
We offer studio sessions in my Boronia Heights Studio, or for Mums that aren't up to leaving home so early in babies life, or for any reason cannot leave home, we now offer in home Newborn Lifestyle Sessions. These take place ideally in the morning around 9:30am as I have found that this is the time that baby is usually most settled and happiest and the light indoors is usually the creamiest. As we have baby undressed during our sessions, the room is usually kept nice and warm to keep baby happy, so we do recommend wearing light clothing and bringing plenty of water and refreshments for the shoot. If you have older siblings and you are coming to the studio, we recommend bringing another parent or grandparent that can take older siblings after they have their images taken as the photography studio is not very fun for little ones and can be quite boring and if unsupervised, a little dangerous with lights and equipment.

How long will your session take
Newborn sessions can take 2-4 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding and comforting. All other sessions are around 1-1.5 hours and if they are outdoor sessions, they will be in the last hour before sunset to ensure the best possible light for your shoot. Studio sessions will run around the same time, but can be any time under the studio lights.

What to wear

I often get asked "What do we wear?!" and there is no simple answer. The truth is, you want to wear something that is authentic to you and who you are, while remaining timeless. Trends come and go, and in 5-10 years you still want to look on these images with love and fond memories (and not cringe at that shirt - what was I thinking??). I also don't recommend people wear something that they wouldn't normally wear, such as a dress if that really isn't your style. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward, it will show in your images. Bold patterns and shirts with logos don't actually photograph very well either. Pastel colours, long flowy gowns and button up shirts usually look the best, photograph well and make people feel great. I think if you would wear it to a nice restaurant, it will be good to wear to your shoot.

Your online gallery
About 3-4 weeks after your session, we will email you with a password for your private online gallery that you can view and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The online gallery will remain active for 14 days. Once full payment is received, your digital images will be instantly available to you for download and your prints will be ordered; they can take 2-3 weeks for delivery and longer for canvas, books or albums. All images will be stored and archived after 60 days. Once the gallery has been closed there will be a $25 fee to upload your gallery for an additional 7 days.

Kylie Williams Photography reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as, but not limited to, the use in advertising, reproduction, and copyright. All images are copyrighted by Kylie Williams Photography, even those you purchase. Copying, scanning or reproducing images is strictly prohibited. Print-screening images from this website is also against the law. All offenders will be prosecuted accordingly. Prices are subject to change without notice and are non-negotiable. Prices are guaranteed for 30 days after your session. Due to the custom nature of photographic products, no refunds will be issued. By hiring Kylie Williams Photography, you agree to these terms.

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